Gnat for OS X 10.4

The MacAda installers contain gcc 4.2 ada, c, c++, and objective c.  They are built from the FSF source tree and the Ada run time library is licensed under the MGPL and can be used to generate code which is not Open Source.  In addition the gcc 4.2 installers contain the plugins and templates that are added to Apples XCode development system to allow for the use of Ada Development in the XCode IDE.  So far the XCode integration only allows the development of command line applications, but this does allow the development of GTKAda, X11, and other applications.  It does not allow the easy development of Carbon Applications in XCode. See FAQ for more information on how to do this.

The AdaCore ( Compiler is licensed under the GLP and can only be used to develop Open Source Code.  You may contract for a support agreement directly with ACT which will provide a licensed version of their compiler under the MGPL.

    FSF gcc 4.2 Intel Download Gnati386-4.2.dmg

    FSF gcc 4.3 Intel Download Gnati386-4.3.dmg

    FSF gcc 4.2 PPC Download Gnat_PPC-4.2.dmg

    FSF gcc 4.3 PPC Download GnatPPC-4.3.dmg

    AdaCore GPL Edition:

   Leopard Compilers

    FSF gcc Intel Download Gnati386-4.3-xcode3.0.dmg  This works only with Xcode 3.0, Do not install on Xcode 3.1.x.

** The Leopard version of this compiler installer contains the libraries (and only the libraries) from: (version 2.3.1) and (version 4.2.2)

both of these libraries are LGPL and source is available at the URL provided above. The macada installer will overwrite these libraries in /usr/local/lib if these libraries are already installed.  if you wish to use other versions of these libraries it will probably be necessary to build the compile from source yourself.


Gnat for previous versions of OS X

The last installer for each of the previous versions of OS X are supplied below. The XCode integration for each of these compilers is supplied as a standalone installer below.


Stephen Bespalko has enhanced Apple's Darwin/MacOS version of gdb with Ada Language support.  After decompressing the download you will need to do the following to install it:

cd /usr/bin

sudo mv gdb gdb.orig

sudo mv <download_Location>gnatgdb-xxx gdb

OS X 10.4  For right now use the Apple supplied gdb, though unconfirmed reports indicate that the 10.3 version of gdb works on 10.4 PPC systems.

XCode Additions

The basic plugins and templates for using Ada with XCode are part of the compiler downloads for 10.4,  For older versions they were standalone installers which included also the sample code.  For 10.4 you will need to download the sample code as a standalone download below.  In addition there is an installer to add some Ada tools to xcode like a pretty printer, and such that you can download below.

For older versions use the link on the main page to go to the original macada web pages.

Download Script Additions : AdaUserScripts1.0b.dmg


The Carbon bindings for 10.4 need testing with intel. Right now I have only done and intel version.  But it needs a lot of fixes to actually work in all cases in intel.  This download contains an Xcode project to build the interfaces as well as two of the examples that i have tested.  The xcode template I use is a bit more complete than some others.  it will build an application bundle, but it will probably require some changes to the scripts for some applications.  But it does give an example of how to start.  to install the bindings there is a file in the package called INSTALL which has the command to install the bindings after they have been built.  it is run from the command line and installs the bindings into /usr/local/Bindings/Carbon

For older versions use the link on the main page to go to the original macada web pages.


GTKAda gpl for intel 2.10.0 Download: gtk_ada.tar.gz

To install this do the following

cd /

sudo tar -zxvf gtk_ada.tar.gz

this will create the appropriate files in /opt/local.

Build Instructions download: build.txt



This program was originally part of a Microsoft Windows based Ada IDE called AdaGuide for windows from Martin Carlisle and his team at the US Air Force Academy. For information on this product send email to

About 1996 or so Jim Hopper and Mike Feldman extracted the pretty printing code from this IDE and created a Unix command line tool to do the pretty printing for the Apple Macintosh under Tenon’s MachTen product and named it Reformat.

This Macintosh version was updated to the code from the current version of AdaGuide, and ported to MacOSX in the spring of 2002 by Jim Hopper. A MacOS X Carbon based GUI was later added to create the current version.  The Carbon Application version has a nice preference dialog to allow the user to select his formatting options and saves them in the Mac preferences.

Each input file will be checked for its origin (Macintosh (CR), Unix (LF), DOS/Windows (CR, LF)) and their end of lines will be saved in Unix format (LF).

Download Reformat  Reformat_GUI.sit Reformat.doc



Download AFLEX ayacc_user_man.pdf




GTK Ada for PPC

Sample Code